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Lessons Learned from "The Fall"

Last week, I decided to spend some time in the great outdoors with my faithful friend, Mack the dog. Because I’d not been feeling well, I attempted to keep our adventure low-key with a stroll along the pathway that meanders through the flowerbeds in our backyard, moving toward a glider that sits under the branches of a lovely shade tree. Unfortunately, Mack is not really a stroller, and he soon left my side for greener pastures in the form of a squirrel perched atop the fence behind me. Near path’s end and with my eyes fixed on a wildly barking Mack rather than my destination, I tripped and, in an instant, found myself falling forward, arms flailing. With eyes tightly shut, I executed a not-so-graceful face plant into the bark mulch, landing rather unceremoniously at the base of a rose bush. After breath returned to my body, I cautiously opened my eyes and found myself staring directly at the bush’s thorns. I am happy to report that the limp has almost left me by now, and I can reflect