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God Is With You!

Through the ages, humor has been one tool that mankind has used to cope with the difficulties of life. So it's no wonder that our society has turned to humor to alleviate the stress accompanying the worldwide pandemic we now find ourselves enduring. Loads of funny memes have been floating around social media - the one appearing below gave me quite a good chuckle when I read it! But the truth is this: In spite of its challenges and difficulties, I stand grateful for the gift of 2020. For it has presented me with another year in this world to experience life; a year to... savor precious time with Mom before her passing, spend unexpected but invaluable hours with Gary and Jeffrey, enjoy the beauty of God's creation, and connect (and reconnect) with family and friends in new and creative ways, using platforms like FaceTime and Zoom. 2020 has blessed me with everything I have needed and more, and I have tried to be very intentional about sharing those blessings with others. 2020 has