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Choosing Joy!

I recognized the feeling in an instant, and it simply took my breath away… JOY! The suffering that accompanied a seemingly endless series of life challenges had gradually eroded my joy, so much so that I only discerned glimmers of it, now and again. But this was more than a glimmer of joy, my friends. This was a sustained state of joy, and I suddenly realized I’d been basking in it for days now. Something inside me was different. I felt lighter. Unfettered. My potential seemed limitless! My smile was unforced, my contentment was palpable, and I knew peace. As I pondered this newfound state of joy, it occurred to me that I’d been journeying through the last few years of life with little of it. Encumbered by the weight of physical and emotional trials that had become increasingly difficult to bear, I’d somehow allowed my joy to be overtaken by a deep sadness. Still, I was sure my joy could be rediscovered, if only I would adhere to the teachings found within the pages of my Bible. Among