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I See You, Mom...

I see you, Mom. I see that you're not feeling well. I see that you're tired and beginning to slow down. I see that you're not as active or energetic as you once were. I see that the difficulties of the last few years have taken their toll. And seeing these things hurts my heart. But, as I look more closely, I see the joy you experience when I walk in the door, or when we go on an outing together. I see the happiness you exude when getting your hair and nails done, or while shopping at Walmart with your neighbors. I see the excitement you feel when winning at Bingo, eating bacon, or re-reading an Erle Stanley Gardner book. Most of all, I see your desire to make the most of every moment, understanding that each one is a gift from God. For the perseverance and resilience you display, for your sweet and sassy spirit, and for the unconditional and abiding love you offer me and all those around you... I see and am very thankful for you, Mom.