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Love Came Down...

Several years ago, I was invited to compose an article on the topic of love for inclusion in our church’s Christmas newsletter. I immediately accepted this invitation, certain that writing about love would be an easy enough task. After all, I am quite an authority on the subject! I adore my family, I cherish my friends, and I am devoted to my church. I am mad about Nutella and Italian food, I am partial to the color turquoise, and I have a fondness for most any genre of music (excluding heavy metal, of course, as it hurts my head). I delight in our dog (most of the time), I am enraptured by the beauty of creation, and I have a deep affection for books, especially mystery novels. Given my clearly exceptional understanding of its meaning, how difficult could an article about love possibly be? The answer to that question became painfully obvious when I sat down and attempted to “wax poetic” about love within the context of the Christmas season, for it was then that I discovered I was in w