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Thank You, Mom...

My  sweet momma left this world today, soaring on eagle’s wings as she journeyed to a much better place. Impaired by chronic health challenges, Mom’s body simply failed her this time around. And while it is true that the last quarter of her life was fraught with medical difficulties, these difficulties did not define her. What really defined my mom was the way she responded to the obstacles she faced, and the character traits that God produced in her as she persevered. God molded Mom into someone so incredibly beautiful. Mom was love , personified. She extended that love, without condition, to all whom God placed in her path. Mom was also an encourager , every day striving to reassure and edify those around her. She was tenacious , confronting problems with a ferocity and strength that belied her tiny stature. And Mom was joyful – she could change the trajectory of someone’s day just by brandishing that beautiful smile and those gorgeous (and sometimes devilish!) blue eyes of hers. Wh