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Contented I Will Be...

Marketing managers and social media "influencers" are forever bombarding consumers with catchy slogans designed to encourage the purchase of a particular product or service. The slogans that most often capture my attention are those that promise to help us consumers enhance the quality of our lives. Among the countless examples of these advertising nuggets are:   "The good life is calling!" -State of Nebraska tourism department "Open your door to the smart good life!" -LG "Live your best life!" -Dunkin' Donuts "Life is a story - make yours a best-seller!" -City University of New York "Slip into the easy life!" -Skechers sneakers Photo by freestocks on Unsplash This notion of the "good" life is certainly appealing, but let's face it: life can sometimes be much different than advertised! One can travel to Nebraska, frequent Dunkin' Donuts, slip into a pair of Skechers, buy only LG electronics, or attend C