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A Thanksgiving Prayer...

Heavenly Father, I am in the daily habit of counting my many blessings, naming them one by one. It reminds me of how truly fortunate I am - how rich I am in all the ways that matter. I remember, of course, to express gratitude for an amazing family and a bounty of good friends; for a safe and lovely home, surrounded by neighbors who care for one another; for reliable transportation; for resources with which I'm able to enjoy good food and entertainment, and also access the medical professionals who help me to manage my health; for a faith community that challenges and inspires me in my spiritual walk; and, most importantly, for the gift of Your love and Your Son. During this week of Thanksgiving, however, it occurs to me that I often forget to thank You for some of the most incredible blessings You've given me: five senses with which I'm able to experience and enjoy the beauty of Your creation. Help me to remember that these senses are meant to be employed not only for my