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What's in a Name?

A recent trip to Galveston found Gary and me in a golf cart, tooling around the picturesque neighborhood of Sea Isle, enjoying a most beautiful day. As we traveled, I noticed that almost every home we passed was marked with a placard bearing the name given the dwelling by its current or a previous owner. Names posted to some homes were simple: “The Smith’s Home,” “The Jones’ Place,” and even one merely labeled, “Beach House.” Others were more creative, perhaps chosen deliberately to describe the personalities of the homes themselves, or the people residing there. The home dubbed “Margaritaville” looked as though it had been plucked from the pages of its namesake website. Tropical blues, corals, greens and yellows adorned the house’s exterior, and an outdoor pool and bar beckoned visitors to come in and stay awhile. My mind envisioned gregarious owners living within those walls - fun and festive people, always ready for a good time! My very favorite signpost, the one I considered most i