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Make Mine a Double!

My mind is regularly occupied with thoughts of my amazing 28-year old son, Jeff. Yesterday, that mind transported me back in time to Jeff's twelfth year, when he and one of his best buddies, Nathan, attended a youth retreat as part of our church's confirmation process. Because we did not communicate with the boys during the weekend, we were excited for their return home, when we would hear all about their retreat adventures. When Jeff arrived home on Sunday evening, he shared a story with us that reduces me to tears of joy and laughter, even today. He spoke enthusiastically about a weekend filled with lessons on God and Jesus, games, music and copious amounts of candy. He said that he and Nathan had been especially moved by their first-night praise and worship experience and so, high on Jesus (and on sugar), they came forward during the altar call to publicly profess their belief in God and in His Son. The next evening of praise and worship brought more of that same euphoria an