Paradise, Found!

The Bible warns of some really BAD news for the people of this world. Throughout history, time and again, we have failed to abide by God's laws. The ultimate consequence for our disobedience will be permanent separation from the very One who created us. So... where is the GOOD news, you might ask?
Christians believe the GOOD news to be this: that Jesus Christ, fully God and fully man, came to earth to save us from that fate. His horrific suffering and painful death on a cross atoned for every transgression we have, or ever will, commit. To profess faith in Christ is to rise to new life, just as He did on that Easter Sunday all those years ago. More abundant living now, and the promise of a future in God's paradise, await those who follow Him. Paradise, found! That is the GOOD NEWS that Easter brings, news "that saved a wretch like me..."